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140 Combat Moves 4 x DVD Course

Self Defence DVD Course

140 Combat Moves is Amazon’s most popular, and highest rated, Self Defence DVD set and it is now available online so you can have instant access.

This easy to follow step-by-step Self Defence DVD provides you with all the knowledge you need fight effectively. You will learn all the theory, techniques and tactics that normally take a martial artist or security professional years to acquire.

Practicing regularly, you will increase your fitness, increase your confidence and learn how to protect yourself, your family and your friends. A fight should not last longer than a few seconds. To ensure you win quickly, all these techniques follow three simple rules. They:

  • are realistic, designed against specific attacks you may find yourself having to defend against.
  • are effective, with fast moves aimed towards pressure points and target areas.
  • require no martial arts experience, anyone can perform these moves with a little practice.

Instant Online Access – £19.95

Check Out with Amazon for DVD Set – £19.95 – $29.95

Self Defence DVD

What’s Included?

All the moves are shown from both the left and the right. They are shown at full speed and in slow motion as well. There is full narration with key points to bear in mind (and mistakes to avoid) all included.

Basic Principles

  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • Blocks and covers


  • Ground fighting
  • Takedowns
  • Joint destruction
  • Weapons of convenience
  • Throws
  • Locks

Defences Against

  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • Pushes
  • Strangles
  • Knives
  • Grabs
  • Multiple attackers
  • Attacks from behind

Free Samples

Combat Move #6 – Cover your Head, Strike the Middle

Combat Move #47 – Multiple Attacks, Multiple Levels

Combat Move #59 Throat Grab and Drop

Combat Move #104 Strangled? Just Push them Away!

Combat Move #132 Knife Attack – Over their Shoulder V3

Instant Online Access – £19.95

Check Out with Amazon for DVD Set – £19.95 – $29.95

Self Defence
  • Full 10 day money back guarantee
  • Running Time: 180 minuntes approx

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