Sensei John Hurley

John Hurley, 5th Dan

John started training under Sensei Andy Fellows (1st Dan) of Penge Higashi in South London in 1983 – 1987 where he achieved his brown belt 3rd Kyu. In addition to his Karate training, he was also training in Muay Thai under the instruction of Master Chris Price and Master Lorenzo Caballero (with the British Muay Thai Association, BMTA) as he thought it important to be conditioned against full contact kicks and punches (more)

Alex Buxton, 3rd Dan

Alex started his martial arts career by training in Shotokan Karate in 1988, achieving his brown belt in 1991. From there he went on to be the President and Team Captain of his university Karate Club, the Aston Tiggers. He represented his university in the Student Nationals where his team had a number of successes. He was awarded the prestigious University Colours for Services to Karate and Achievement in Karate (more)

Ayushi Sharma, 1st Dan

  • Former Member of National Higashi Kata A Squad
  • 2005 Carlow National & International Gold Medalist

Ayushi started learning Shotokan Karate at the age of eight in 1997. Upon achieving her 1st Kyu Brown Belt, she decided to switch to Wado Ryu Karate to add a different flavour to her training (more)

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