About Get My Black Belt

Our Mission

Get My Black Belt was founded to cut through the way martial arts are traditionally taught with their time-consuming politics and ritual.

The team at Get My Black Belt has almost 100 years of combined martial arts experience. Our mission is to distil all this knowledge into just 6 hours to teach you everything a Black Belt knows.

Becoming a Black Belt has traditionally been shrouded in mystery and secrets. Now, for the first time, we break the silence and let you into all the secrets you need to know to reach a Black Belt standard.


The Problem

Too many times martial artists have to practice the same technique for years before their Sensei will teach them the next one. Too often, the class is held back by the weakest members, meaning the real stars get frustrated as they continuously go through techniques they have understood long ago.

The founder has seen lessons where the format is identical every time as the Sensei doesn’t know what else to teach. Bunkai is rarely taught. Bunkai is critical for the mastery of Kata. Kata is the heart, literally “the rules”, of Karate. There are numerous instances of being taught something by your Sensei only to be told by a Master that what you have learnt for years is actually incorrect!

The biggest travesty is weak Senseis making gradings easy as they either don’t know any better to squeeze more money from their students. Their students then reach Brown or Black Belt only to find that, when tested in real life, their martial arts are totally ineffective as forms of self defence. This is inexcusable.

These shortcomings are to be expected as Karate is only passed on by word of mouth and demonstration from Sensei to student over the years. It is rarely documented. Things the student is taught will be modified, changed, lost and forgotten. When he then becomes a Sensei, he teaches a pale imitation of what he was taught.

This can all add years to a keen martial artist’s development. This is wasted time.


The Solution

This is what Get My Black Belt is here to remedy. We are now documenting Karate and other martial arts to keep them pure for generations to come.

All the Black Belt Associates are either Masters in their own right or have been directly trained over a period of years by Masters in their arts.

Before we go any further, we have a caveat for you. If you start the course in the morning, you won’t be a Black Belt by the evening. But our promise is that you will know everything a Black Belt knows. Practicing it will be up to you.

We will give you the tools, you finish the job!


Sensei Alex Buxton

Alex Buxton is the Founder of Get My Black Belt and will be your guide through the world of rapid martial arts mastery. Alex started his own martial arts career by training in Shotokan Karate in 1988, achieving his brown belt in 1991. From there, he went on to be the President and Team Captain of his University Karate Club, the Aston Tiggers. He represented his University in the Student Nationals where his team had a number of successes. In 1995, he was awarded the prestigious University Sporting Colours for Sporting Achievement and Services to Sport – both in Karate.

Alex met Sensei John Hurley in 1997 and switched to Wado Ryu to train under him. He found that Wado Ryu, while not as attractive to look at as Shotokan, was far more effective.

He then attended numerous courses and lessons by Sensei Peter Spanton (9th Dan) to refine his techniques and prepare himself for his Black Belt gradings. He started teaching as soon as he was awarded his Black Belt in 2003. This was followed by his Nidan in 2005 and his Sandan in 2012.

As part of his continuous development, Alex regularly attends Equity in Coaching, Child Protection and First Aid courses.

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