Get My Black Belt provides Amazon and udemy’s best selling martial arts and self defence courses. These are available online, on Udemy, so you can have instant access to them, or you can purchase DVDs from Amazon. Our titles are:

Get My Black Belt

Get My Black Belt DVD/Online Course

Get My Black Belt – Wado Ryu Karate – this DVD set walks you through everything you need to know to get your Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate. It includes, basics, kata, bunkai (kata explanation), blocks & counters and kumite (sparring).


140 Combat Moves – this DVD set is designed to teach you the basics of how to deal with a threatening situation. It can be leaned by anyone with no prior martial arts experience.


140 Advanced Combat Moves – this DVD set builds on 140 Combat Moves and provides you with deeper understanding of your options when you are in a threatening situation as well as the ability to execute the techniques required.

Master Ken Reviews 140 Combat Moves

The team at Get My Black Belt has almost 100 years of combined martial arts and self defence experience. Our mission is to distil all this knowledge into a 6 hour Martial Arts Course to teach you everything a Black Belt knows in a single DVD set.

Becoming a Black Belt has traditionally been shrouded in mystery and secrets. Now, for the first time, we break the silence and let you into all the secrets you need to know to reach a Black Belt standard.

We will give you the tools, you finish the job! 

Customer Feedback: Get My Black Belt

Quality dvd. Top notch production, content, explanations and demonstrations. I've decided to do the DVD myself along side my insanity DVD. Very highly recommended. Don't hesitate to buy.
Mr A Kyle
Practical graphics and pauses help explain correct techniques to new practitioners. Clearly, the instructors and students are experienced in the traditional karate methodologies. Well done...a pleasant surprise!
Roland Strong
This is a great course very thorough and explained in detail. buy it wont be sorry
Gary Dotson
I was taught Wado Ryu Karate under Senseis James Zemmerman (RIP), Jean Ellen Coop Zimmerman,Wenona Stark. These videos are as close to learning from an in person black belt as I have seen. If you put in the work, you will progress very well. Try to visit any Wado ryu school when you get a chance also.
Larry Dicus

Customer Feedback: 140 Combat Moves

Having a Tae Kwon Do and a Kickboxing background I'm always eager to learn new techniques or just brush up on existing ones and this DVD is exactly what I have been looking for. Regardless of your particular style, the lengthy and informative instruction found in this DVD set is really without equal.
A Ford
I am not new to fighting techniques, but I am learning new and useful things as I go along..
Malik Tariq Hassan
Can’t ask for better great people all around very caring about people learning and safety
Shawn macneil
There is a lot of bang for your buck in this series. 140 techniques taught in 3 hrs. I am usually unimpressed with Martial Arts Videos as I have already learned most of what is being taught. However, I did learn some new, and interesting, techniques!
Brian Jones

Customer Feedback: 140 Advanced Combat Moves

This DVD set is a brilliant second part to 140 combat moves. There are some more complex moves here and like in the first DVD they are very clearly and professionally shown. The 4 DVD's cover a large area of different techniques and is well worth buying.
D wright
Yes, it was a very systematic instructions. It is simple but seems very effective
Mahesh Potenciano
No frills, just what it says on the box, well pleased.
Amazon Customer
This set, is by the title, Advanced Combat Moves. The initial set was unbelievably good and this set successfully follows it. This DVD set has expanded my knowledge incredibly. They are effective. Very effective, as I have tried most of them on various sparring partners.
dennis scheurich

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