Frequently Asked Questions

Get My Black Belt Courses are tailored for every skill level with every aspect of Black Belt knowledge available either in individual subject sections, or as a whole for the martial artist who wants a complete understanding of the mindset and skills of a Black Belt. Below we answer some of your common questions.

Will I really get my Black Belt from watching this course?

Our promise to you is that you will know EVERYTHING a black belt knows by the time you have watched the whole DVD course. There will be no more secrets. Once you have this powerful information and practice it until you are competent in it, you will be Black Belt standard.

There are other products on the market. Why should I choose you?

This is the only course on the market specifically designed to cover everything you need to know to become a Black Belt. Other courses cover some aspects of kata, some self defence tips and even some pressure points. Get My Black Belt brings all this, and more, together to ensure you have the COMPLETE information and mindset of a fully-rounded Black Belt.

Additionally, other courses have Black Belts saying what you SHOULD do. They don’t tell you why. They don’t explain the psychology and science behind every move. They don’t point out common mistakes – and their implications – which you may not realise by yourself. Get My Black Belt provides all this information as standard.

Is there a certification to this course?

Unfortunately we cannot give out certificates to people just for buying this course. This would devalue the importance of a Black Belt. However, this course is so complete and versatile that once you have mastered it, you will be able to get certified as a Black Belt, in a much shorter time, in whichever country or Wado Ryu Karate federation you are in.

Will I be able to grade directly as a Black Belt after watching this course?

Get My Black Belt is well ahead of the martial arts world. In fact, there has been some resistance to this course being released. The thinking amongst most Martial Arts Masters is “If I had to train for 6 years to become a Black Belt, why shouldn’t everyone else?”

This attitude of holding students back is still with us in martial arts. Most clubs only allow students to grade every 2-4 months no matter how good they are. However, exceptional students are allowed to double grade and can reach their Black Belt faster with the correct tuition. This is exactly what Get My Black Belt offers you. It is your encyclopaedia of martial arts knowledge which you can refer back to so that you remain ahead of the curve.

What is the difference between your course and training at a dojo or club?

There are definitely advantages to training in a club. These include safe surroundings, partners to practice with and experienced tuition. However, Get My Black Belt is a popular alternative for a number of reasons:

  • Authority. Get My Black Belt is an authority on the subject. Black Belt Associates are all exceptional in their fields and they pursue continuous learning themselves. They are all either classed as Martial Arts Masters or are World Champions in their disciplines.
  • Speed. You can learn at your own speed. Once you understand one section, you can move onto the next. There is nobody else to tell you, arbitrarily, if you are ready or not.
  • Timing. We are all busy people and can’t make our way to a dojo to train as often as we would like. Watching and practicing the Get My Black Belt course is designed to fit around your lifestyle.
  • Cost. To get a Black Belt the traditional way, you would have to go to at least two lessons a week for 6 years. This can add up to over GBP 5,000. With Get My Black Belt you get world-class tuition at a tiny fraction of the investment.

Get My Black Belt is also an ideal companion for Martial Artists to refer to alongside their normal dojo training.

Am I too old or unfit to do this?

No. Anyone can be a martial artist. The Black Belt Associates have personally trained Black Belts from the age of 10-50. You can meet some of them in the testimonials section of this website. Anyone of any age or fitness level can practice martial arts. The key is to WANT to do it.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for you. You are busy, ambitious and want results quickly. The four main groups this will apply to are:
– You are a beginner to martial arts and want to know exactly what is involved in becoming a Black Belt so you can practice and reach the standard in your own time.
– You are already training in Karate and want to dramatically increase the speed of your development. Get My Black Belt will be your encyclopaedic reference every step of the way to your Black Belt and will ensure you get it right, first time, every time.
– You have experience in another martial art and are taking up Karate. Get My Black Belt will allow you to transfer across at the highest possible grade without having to start again at the bottom of the grading ladder.
– You are a Black Belt or Instructor. This course will act as a refresher to what you have already learnt and will add a new dimension to your knowledge. This will develop you into becoming a more rounded Sensei.

What if I buy this course and I am not 100% delighted with it?

We know you will love this course and will want to watch it again and again. We therefore offer you a 10 day, no-quibble 100% money back guarantee if you are not delighted with your purchase from Get My Black Belt and are not convinced it will propel you to martial arts greatness!

I have more questions

Why not contact me directly and I will do all I can to help.

Yours in Martial Arts,

Sensei Alex Buxton

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