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Alex started his martial arts career by training in Shotokan Karate in 1988, achieving his brown belt 1991. From there he went on to be the President and Team Captain of his university Karate Club, the Aston Tiggers. He represented his university in the Student Nationals where his team had a number of successes. He was awarded the prestigious University Colours for Services to Karate and Achievement in Karate.

Alex met Sensei John Hurley in 1997 and switched to Wado Ryu to train under him. He found that Wado Ryu, while not as attractive to look at as Shotokan, was far more effective. Furthermore, Wado Ryu did not produce any bad Black Belts.

He then attended numerous courses and lessons by Sensei Peter Spanton (8th dan) to refine his techniques and prepare himself for his Black Belt gradings. He started teaching as soon as he was awarded his Wado Ryu Black Belt in 2002. This was followed by his Nidan in 2005 and his Sandan at the infamous Ogwen Bank Course in 2012.

As part of his continuous development, Alex attended Equity in Coaching, Child Protection and First Aid courses in 2009/10.

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