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140 Advanced Combat Moves 4 x DVD Course

Self Defence DVD DownloadFollowing on naturally from 140 Combat Moves, this DVD set (also available here as a Self Defence DVD Download) provides you with advanced principles to fight at a high level. You will learn all the theory, techniques and tactics that normally take a martial artist or security professional years to acquire.

All these techniques follow three simple rules. They:
• are realistic – designed against specific attacks you may find yourself having to defend against.
• are effective – with fast moves aimed towards pressure points and target areas.
• require no martial arts experience – anyone can perform these moves with a little practice.

Practicing regularly, you will increase your fitness, increase your confidence and learn how to protect yourself, your family and your friends.

Online Access – £19.95

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Advanced Principles
• Ducking
• Slipping
• Elbow Attacks
• Elbow Defences

Advanced Attacks
• Ground fighting
• Takedowns
• Joint Manipulation
• Throws
• Locks

Advanced Defences Against
• Chokes
• Wrist Grabs
• Knives
• Pushes
• Punches
• Head Locks
• Attacks from behind


Combat Move #98 Space Invaders Take Down

Combat Move #107 Push Nose Backwards

Combat Move #112 Strike Thigh & Neck

Instant Online Access

– £19.95

Check Out with Amazon – £19.95 – $29.95

Amazon USA, $29.95

Amazon UK, £19.95


  • Full 10 day money back guarantee
  • Running Time: 160 minutes approx
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