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Welcome to Get My Black Belt!

The team at Get My Black Belt has almost 100 years of combined martial arts and self defence experience. Our mission is to distil all this knowledge into a 6 hour Martial Arts Course to teach you everything a Black Belt knows in a single DVD set.


Becoming a Black Belt has traditionally been shrouded in mystery and secrets. Now, for the first time, we break the silence and let you into all the secrets you need to know to reach a Black Belt standard.


We will give you the tools, you finish the job!




Ask Master Ken!

On Get My Black Belt

Quality dvd. Top notch production, content, explanations and demonstrations. I've decided to do the DVD myself along side my insanity DVD. Very highly recommended. Don't hesitate to buy.

Mr A Kyle, Amazon Europe

On 140 Combat Moves

This dvd set delivers what it promises: to teach 140 efficient self-defense moves to ANYONE who needs to escape a dangerous situation ( : even my grandmother has learned a move or two ; ). The well designed demonstrations and visual information it's wrapped in eloquent audio explanations that on top of clarifying what it is seen, contemplate all possibilities of action in a clear and understandable way.

Maria S, Amazon USA

On 140 Advanced Combat Moves

Having a Tae Kwon Do and a Kickboxing background I'm always eager to learn new techniques or just brush up on existing ones and this DVD is exactly what I have been looking for. Regardless of your particular style, the lengthy and informative instruction found in this DVD set is really without equal.

A. Ford, Amazon Europe